Some scenic spots in our city have been reopened

Recently, a number of scenic spots have resumed opening in an orderly manner on the basis of strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.

Tongan film and Television City, Beichen mountain, laoyuanzi scenic spot and Hulishan Fort resumed opening yesterday. However, the penguin Pavilion in the old courtyard, the 4D cinema of Hulishan fort, the welcoming ceremony performance, the Hongyi artillery clean-up drill and the cultural benefit performance are still temporarily closed.

Xiamen science and Technology Museum, Chengyi science and Technology Exploration Center and China Record museum will resume their opening today, and the charm of Southern Fujian will resume its performance from April 6. Among them, Chengyi science and Technology Exploration Center only opens the main exhibition hall and Mars snow park.

It is reported that Jupeng Feidu holiday area, Gulangyu Foreign Cultural Relics Museum of the Forbidden City, Yuandang Ya tour, maritime pearl sightseeing tower and Huihe stone cultural park have been reopened before. The competent departments of all scenic spots in our city will continue to supervise the scenic spots, control the entrance, and comprehensively strengthen the implementation of inspection & ldquo; Two yards Various epidemic prevention measures, such as body temperature measurement, sanitation and killing, ensure that scenic spots and scenic spots take into account epidemic prevention and control, safety and orderly opening.