Xiamen to host exhibition of Yangliuqing New Year paintings

The Tianjin Yangliuqing New Year Paintings Workshop announced recently that it will exhibit artwork for the first time at the upcoming National Art Expo of Four Treasures of Study. 

The event is held in conjunction with the annual Strait Calligraphy and Painting Industry Expo.

The workshop reportedly boasts a collection of more than 10,000 Yangliuqing wood engraving New Year paintings as well as more than 6,400 woodblocks dating back to the Ming dynasty. Many of the paintings set for display in Xiamen were made from historical woodblocks.  

Yangliuqing New Year paintings thrived during the Chongzhen period of the Ming dynasty. China included the workshop's holdings in 2006 on China's inaugural national intangible cultural heritage list.