Liu’ao - Incredible Blue


Speaking of Zhangzhou, “Nanjing Earthen Dwellings", "Dongshan Island" and "Yun Shui Yao" are words that spring to mind. Liu'ao may not sound as familiar as these places, but you can never miss the blue sea here, just incredibly beautiful beyond imagination! Look! 


I first heard of Liu'ao from pictures of a classmate at a weekend, and I was immediately captivated by seaside wind farms there. You won't believe that my trip to Liu'ao was just because of this picture.


Transportation/Self-driving Tour: 

Transportation is the biggest challenge for visitors heading for Liu'ao. You can drive your car or take coach: 

There are two options for coach. Take the shuttle bus direct to Liu'ao at Hubinan Bus Hub. It is important to note that the bus departs at 8:50 am every day, and stops finally at a small place about 20-minute drive from Liu'ao. You can take minibus from Zhangpu to Liu'ao, or have a motorcycle ride there. 

2-day tour: Liu'ao Fortress + Liu'ao Nature Gallery + Beach Camping (Night)  

Routes: village tour, family tour, weekend tour, camping 

Day 1: 

1st stop--Liu'ao Sea

Located on the Liu'ao Peninsula, Zhangpu County, Zhangzhou, Liu'ao faces the Taiwan Strait on the east, the bay of Jiuzhen Town (separated by a 2km long island) to the east, and golden beach and dense shelter belt measuring 9km in the south and north. The advantageous location makes Liu'ao a great place to enjoy the best of sea scenery.

When catching sight of beach from a distance, I was in ecstasy. Look at clear blue sea and I believe that all efforts it took to get here was worth it.

What's that?! White windmills!!! Yes! Liu'ao Peninsula has a wind power plant because it is richly endowed by nature with strong and long wind blowing.


White windmills line up on the hills with blades flying up to the blue sky and composing a harmonious and spectacular sight with clouds and waves. It's really gorgeous! I think pictures are the best way to reward the beauty here. 




2nd stop: Liu'ao Nature Gallery

Saying goodbye to spectacular blue sea, I came to my next destination--Liu'ao Nature Gallery, and experienced the uncanny workmanship of nature.

Eroded by waves and wind for millions upon millions years, rocks in the gullies accessible from all directions take on gorgeous pattern or diversified shapes of animals, just like masterpieces of modern abstract.    

A strange idea suddenly came to my mind, “If this piece of rocks appears in the cities, they may be relocated to other places for house construction by man who see profit at the first place, for example, in an imperial garden or used as flower bed in a city garden.” 

Day 2: 

3rd stop: Liu'ao Fortress  


Liu'ao Fortress was built in the Ming Dynasty by the Qi Army to defend Japanese invaders, and has always been in adverse fortune in history. Today, this tranquil and ancient fortress is gradually falling into ruin. 


The deserted yard is overgrown with weeds. 


Architectures of Southern Fujian Style with swallow-tail ridge or saddle ridge


Finally, the burner! Do you know what the burner is for? Some said it was a Taoist temple, some said it was for ancestor worship, and some even said for it was for burning Fu (magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits)...Really creepy!


As I watched the burner, an elder man stopped by and I asked him about the burner furtively. He replied with a strange look, "Burning!" Burning what? I couldn't help falling into a reverie for his words. 

Someone mentioned that, "Maybe many people died here for frequent invasion by Japanese pirates in the ancient times, and it has to be shaped like a burner to worship some god." 

If you have answers, come and tell me! OK, this is my travel to Liu'ao!