Flower lovers cannot resist these amazing flower destinations in Fuzhou

Flowers bloom in spring. It is a great idea to take an outing. 

If you are a flower lover, don’t stay indoors, just come here and take a snapshot of whatever kind of flowers blooming in this season. 

Cherry and peach blossoms in Fuzhou Forest Park 


Forest Park is the most popular destination for flower lovers. As the weather is fine on weekends, visitors flock to the park to enjoy the spectacle of flowers blooming and birds chirping here and there.  

Cherry Garden grows about 1,500 cherry trees comprising pink Japanese cherry and white and crimson Taiwan cherry and Fujian cherry, all of which are early-season. Early-season cherry has a short flowering phase, lasting only one week. The view of “cherry blossom rain” is more amazing as cherry blossom falls. 

Apart from Cherry Garden, Forest Park has Peach Garden that grows thousands of peach trees. 


Admission charge: free 

Viewing time: mid-January to mid-March 

How to go: take Bus 54, Bus 102 (Forest Park Line), Bus 72, Bus 84 or Bus 87 to Forest Park Stop.

Qishan Forest Park, Minhou County, Fuzhou--peach blossom, azalea


Peach blossom on Qishan Mountain stands out primarily because of its romantic and fabulous atmosphere and idyllic beauty. A large number of travelers come here when flowers bloom. PS: There are quite a few attractions in Qishan, the waterfall in gorgeous. 

Admission charge: RMB20

Viewing time: peach blossom comes out later on Qishan Mountain than that at the foot of the mountain, as the temperature is low at a high elevation in mid March. 

How to go: take Bus 82 to Qishan Lukou Stop (RMB 2/person) or take “Rongqiao Qishan shuttle bus” at Jiangnan Shuidu to Qishan Lukou Stop (RMB 2/person). Visitors at College Town may take Bus 171 to Qishan Lukou Stop (RMB 1/person).

Xinpo Ancient Folk Dwelling--rape flowers


You don’t have to go to Wuyuan, because there is a sea of rape flowers in Fuzhou. 

There is more than 60 mu of rape flowers bursting into bloom at Xinpo Village, Baisha Town, Minhou County as well as white wall and black tiles of ancient folk dwellings, producing a terrific idyllic landscape. It is a great idea to see rape flowers and ancient folk dwellings as rape flowers come in full bloom. Visitors can also enjoy local chicken or duck here. 

Admission charge: RMB 20/person, free parking lot available

Viewing time: March-April

How to go: self-driving or take Bus 33 to Baisha Town, and then take a Moto taxi

IV. Daping Village, Dahu Township, Minhou--peach blossom


When it comes to peach blossom in Minhou, many flower enthusiasts may recommend peach blossom at Tiandang Village, Yangli Township, Minhou. Peach blossom of Tiandang Village is undoubtedly the most beautiful land of peach blossom in Fuzhou, in which 10-plus mu of peach blossom can be found at fields, behind houses, by roads or on mountains.

Viewing time: March-April

How to go: set out from Fuzhou downtown area, go to County Highway 115, then turn right onto County Highway 112 and keep driving along County Highway 194.  

V. Jinshan Park--Chinese rose, cherry blossom


Presently, there are thousands of Chinese roses bursting into bloom in Jinshan Park, pink and fragrant. Chinese roses bloom continuously for 180 days. In addition, there is a Cherry Garden in Jinshan Park, housing over 300 cherry trees that are expected to bloom in March. 

Viewing time: February-March

How to go: take Bus 47 at Jinshan Bus Terminal.

VI. Meiyang Village, Lianjiang--plum blossom 


“In the nook of a wall a few plum sprays,

In solitude blossom on the bleak winter days,

From the distance I see they cannot be snows,

For a stealthy breath of perfume hither flows.”

Meiyang Village of Lianjiang is only 20 minutes’ drive to the county. As winter comes, it is a fabulous sight of tens of thousands of plum blossoms coming out. “Plum Blossom Festival” is held each year, attracting numerous painters, poets and photographers. 

Don’t miss local ancient folk dwellings when you are at Meiyang Village. 

Viewing time: February-March

How to go: set out from Provincial Sports Center, drive northwards to the expressway, head out at Gui’an exit, go along Jiangbin Road to Yuquan Bridge, turn to National Highway 104 and then turn right to Fengmei Road after crossing the bridge for a distance of 200 meters.