Travel guide for Eighteen Creeks

Recently, I felt glad that I could take another half day off according to the instructions of the State Council, allowing me to travel somewhere and do something incredible. So I spent all my money. In fact, I was a poor guy, so I didn’t damn care about RMB depreciation. 

To be honest, I thought about finding something crazy and grueling to buck myself up.

Picturesque view


Location: Eighteen Creeks

Grueling level: ★★★★

Note: Please be cautious on rainy days and keep yourself safe, as life has to go on. 

In modern days, people prefer travel by fast means of transport, which takes them directly to planned destinations without experiencing much bitterness and joy during the trip. 

Needless to say, Eighteen Creeks is gorgeous, where there are hordes of monkeys. But chances are that you may not see them all the time. 


There are streams in longitudinal and staggered arrangement.

Apart from hordes of wild monkeys, there are queer volcanic landforms and typical seasonal streams. 



In hectic summer, this is a terrific place for those who want to unleash themselves, as water here is cool and crystal clear. Dog owners may walk their dogs here. Why is it terribly grueling? It is said that it is the graduation exam for outdoor enthusiasts. 



Feel the grandeur of mountains and the temperature of the earth. Travel farther with tour pals or good friends, and let your heart closer to the nature. 

This is Eighteen Creeks 

We all complain 2-day schedule is too tight, so an extra half day is so valuable. 

What would we do in half day? Find a good place around the destination, eat and play and keep refreshed. 

[Eighteen Creeks]

Itinerary description: 

Arrive around the destination in half day

On the first day, go from Guanyin Bridge, Cross Creek to Zhiyin Waterfall, camp out at the scenic spot (the equipment is carried directly to the scenic spot)

On the second day, go from Dragon Spouting Water, Cat Jumping Over the Gorge to Dahua Mountain (Xibian Village)

The starting point of hiking is Guanyin Bridge, Tangqian Township

The end point of hiking is Dahua Mountain of Fuqing (Xibian Village)

Reasons for recommendation: the most representative hiking itinerary in Fuzhou

Suitable time: it is beautiful all year round.

Hiker requirement: hiking experience is required along with proper physical strength and stamina. 

Equipment requirement: 30L bag is used on the day

Camping devices: tent, seasonal sleeping bag (10 degrees Celsius in spring, 20 degrees Celsius in summer, 0 degree Celsius in winter), moisture-proof pad, burner, double boiler, food, etc.

As traversing seven to eight ridges is physically demanding, the equipment will be transported to the Eighteen Creeks for ready use in the night. 

Carry yourself with safety helmet, head lamp, gloves and dry provisions. 

Activity intensity: ★★★★

Activity difficulty: ★★★★

Scenic index: ★★★★★

How to go: how to reach the starting point of hiking---Guanyin Bridge, Tangqian Township

Bus: the shuttle bus from Fuzhou West Bus Station (Chenguang Village, Hongshan Town, Gulou District) to Yongtai, past Guanyin Bridge, Tangqian Township (the staring point), take Moto taxi to Guanlie Village or the foothill so as to shorten hiking distance. The shuttle bus is available in 10 to 15 minutes and the ticket is priced at RMB13. The whole journey lasts around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Self-driving or chartering: go along South Road of West Ring, past Maritime Building on the right and head for Pushang Avenue/South 2nd Ring Road/Minjiang Avenue, drive rightwards to Xizhou Bridge, enter Nanjiangbin Flyover rightwards, head for Fuxia Road/Fuwan Road/South 2nd Road/G70, enter the expressway of 2nd Ring, drive a distance of 270 meters along the 2nd Ring, head for Fuwan Road/G70/Fuyin Expressway, keep going straight for a distance of 3.4 kilometers into S230 and drive for 15.8 kilometers, turn left to X175 and arrive at the destination. There is a conspicuous road sign at the gate of the scenic spot in Nantong Town, so the minibus can reach the scenic spot directly.