Magnificent Golden Lake at Sunset

Golden Lake Sunset is the most brilliant and exciting view of the lake, rare to see for many visitors.

Located in the World Geopark and World Natural Heritage, Taining County, Golden Lake is about eight kilometers away from the county. It is the largest artificial lake in Fujian Province. As a scenic spot with unique Danxia landform, Golden Lake is beautiful: "Blue water and red mountains contribute to delicately beautiful Golden Lake ", which is the beauty of the natural landscape; "One pillar stands on ground without any tile", which is the beauty of the building structure; "Inscriptions 'Xian' (仙) and 'Shou' (寿) on red precipices offer auspicious sign", which is the beauty of inscriptions on precipices; "Rising straight up, a couple depend on each other", which is the beauty of totems... Chi Xianfang, Chief of the Ministry of Rites in Ming Dynasty, once depicted the scenery of Golden Lake with the verse "Search for art paintings a thousand times, finally see lake under gorgeous sunglow", which is very appropriate.

But among beautiful sceneries of the lake and among various scenic spots in Taining, the magnificent Golden Lake sunset Lake comes out on top, because blue water and red mountains decorated by sunset glow are even more magnificent and wonderful.

At sunset, the Golden Lake is about to perform a most solemn curtain call. In an instant, people are caught unprepared by a sudden rain. Summer rain comes and goes quickly. It is a timely rain, weakening the summer heat of the sun. But more importantly, it serves like the bath water for this ladylike lake. Taking a bath with water from the heaven shall be the courteous reception towards the immortal. It proves the saying that gods have always been passionate.

This rain shower has not only enhanced the transparency of the air, but given a fresh and moist feeling to people. "The brimming waves delight the eyes on sunny days. The dimming hills present rare view in rainy haze." Just because of this fresh rain, "Golden Lake after the rain is more elegant and beautiful". After the rain shower, the sun officially withdraws. The last radiance of the setting sun scatters around and then slowly falls to the back of the mountain. It is this last radiance making clouds on the horizon brilliant.

The originally blue sky of the lake is immediately stained red. Initially, it is reddish, and then it shows flushed red like a drunken person. With the sun's radiation, clouds floating in the sky change magically with different colors and countless shapes: some looks like a golden dragon climbing to the sky with open mouth and claws, changing an assortment of wonderful gestures; some look like mushrooms wandering in the deep sky; some look like footprints scattered everywhere of the sky, modeling the track of time; and funnel-like light makes the radiance of the sun more gorgeous...

The golden sunset glow is the ending of Golden Lake sunset Lake, also the most beautiful, most wonderful landscape of the lake. When the sun completely descends, the sky is bright red, like a blast furnace melting gold, with flames lightening the horizon. Under this background, the lake is also bright red, as the surface of the water is made of golden yarns connected to the sky. The huge lake resembles the melted gold poured out from the blast furnace and creats a red and golden world.

As it becomes darker, the moon rises slowly. The curved crescent looks like a silver hook which hooks up the dark curtain of night. And the Golden Lake at this moment looks like a sleeping baby, breathing evenly, tranquil and relaxed.