Flowery Jianning, Fascinating and Charming

Jianning is the source of the Minjiang River, and has the highest peak in Fujian, the Jianning Mount Jinnao. Jianning is the geological mother of Fujian, for it had formed geological features 2.7 billion years ago. It is also the "hometown of Jian lotuses in China" and "hometown of Huanghua pears in China". In addition to these famous names, what appeal to us the most are the peach blossoms and pear blossoms all over the mountains and plains in spring, mandarin ducks and egrets swimming on Yuanyang Lake (Mandarin Ducks Lake), and the awesome feeling of reaching the top of Mount Jinnao and holding all mountains in a single glance.

As the "hometown of Huanghua pears in China", pear trees are planted all over Jianning County. On March 21, the solar term "equinox", Jianning's 120,000 mu of peach blossoms and pear blossoms are in full bloom, looking like white snow covering hills which is very attractive.

Yuanyang Lake is located in Huangling Village, Junkou Township, Jianning County, the hometown of Jian lotuses. It is pooled with a creek originating from the mainstream of Min Jiang River. It is 4 kilometers long and more than 100 meters wide. Due to the effects of the lake and the good ecological environment around, the lake area has green hills, clear water, mild climate and fresh air, thus becaming a haven for migratory birds. Every autumn, hundreds of pairs of mandarin ducks will come from other places to spend winter here, and leave until the Tomb-sweeping Day of the next year. Therefore, the lake is named as Yuanyang Lake (Mandarin Ducks Lake).

After returning from Yuanyang Lake to have lunch and some rest, we excitedly went to the peach and pear sightseeing park in Fengyuan Village, Xikou Township, which was our main destination of this trip. We heard that Jianning has a total of 120,000 mu of peach and pear trees and flowers all over the mountains are very spectacular. Jianning's pear trees are mainly Huanghua pears with white petals. A few hills in the peach and pear sightseeing park are full of white pear flowers with faint fragrance floating, making people relaxed and happy while walking in the flower sea.

Located in Taining County and Jianning County of Fujian Province, the Mount Jinnao has an altitude of 1858 meters. It was named because Minyue King Wuzhu once hunted here and lost a golden cymbal. As the highest peak in Fujian Province, it is known as "the first peak in the Southeast China".

Stretching more than 300 li, Mount Jinnao has a total of 84 steep peaks. The main peak White Stone Peak divides the mountain into eastern slope and western slope. The eastern slope mainly consists of cliffs, while the western slope mainly consists of steep mountains. But our itinerary is the normal route. Although there is no way to better admire the mountain, the beautiful sceneries all the way up to the mountain have deeply impressed us. 

Mount Jinnao cableway is the longest cableway in Fujian Province. Taking a cable car is really a good choice, because it can save you one and a half hours of climbing time, and you can glance at the beautiful scenery and surging clouds along the way.

Getting down from the cable car, you will arrive at Cloud Sea Plank Road hanging among high cliffs, with split cliffs overhead and unfathomable abysses beneath.

With an altitude of 1858 meters, White Stone Peak is the highest peak of Mount Jinnao. It is said that when the weather is good, one can overlook the surrounding 9 counties of Fujian and Jiangxi. It is the best choice to watch the sunrise and sunset here. There's a stone tablet reading "The First Peak in Fujian" (in Chinese: 八闽第一峰) and the elevation of 1858 meters is marked next to it.

If you take the cable car to go up and down the mountain, the whole trip takes five to six hours. If you set out at 9 o'clock in the morning, you can return to your hotel at 3 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Then, you can take your time to pack up your luggage, have dinner and go back home by a bullet train at dusk.