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       In order to promote the electric motor industry and local tourism resources, the government of Ningde invites you for a FREE tour to the 7th Cross-Strait Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition and the 17th Ningde Investment Fair (also known as the Ningde Expo), which will be held from June 17th to 19th this year. The organizing committee will offer free access to the expo, free dining, accommodation, and a complimentary one-day tour in Ningde to potential visitors who are interested in the expo and fair and are engaged in related businesses and trade. The offer is limited; please make a reservation early. The Cross-Strait Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition is China’s leading sourcing fair for small and medium-sized motors, generators, gensets, and the water pump industry. Last year, the expo attracted more than 30,000 exhibitors and visitors, and over 1,000 international purchasers and entrepreneurs from over 41 countries and regions including South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and South America. The city of Ningde, located in the eastern costal area of Fujian Province, is regarded as the Golden Area of the West-Straits Economic Area for its thriving business environment and fantastic tourist attractions. After the exhibition, you can take the opportunity to further explore the city. The following are some of the more beautiful and interesting places in Ningde.


       Ningde Global Geopark 宁德世界地质公园The park consists of three scenic areas: Baishuiyang, Baiyun Mountain and Taimu Mountain. The park is characterized by splendid miarolite mountainous land formations, gorgeous volcanic land formations and a riverbed that leads to waterfalls, deep pools and other coastal and island attractions. Its various landforms create a rich, colorful and unique combination of settings. Baishuiyang 白水洋 

       The summer water resort has three large shallow pools, and the largest is 40,000 square meters. Its riverbed is made of a single flat rock and is clean without pebbles. Lying on your back, the smooth stream will take you to move along the 100-metre natural water slide without hurting your skin.


Of the three large shallow pools, the largest is 40,000 square meters , and at its widest the pool is 182 meters from bank to bank.


Throughout the river’s course the water is ankle deep.

How to get there:

Take bus (2 hours) from Ningde Bus Station to Pingnan(屏南), take bus (30 minutes) from Pingnan (屏南) to Baishuiyang(白水洋). 

Admission: RMB 120

Opening Hour: 8:00 -17:30


Taimu Mountain 太姥山


Embraced by the view of the sea on three sides, and with its jagged limestone peaks perpetually wrapped in mist, the mountain is a magnificent place for hiking.


The mountain features steep peaks, caves, brooks, waterfalls and ancient temples.


The marvelous view of the mountain from afar has earned itself the beautiful name "immortal mountain on the sea."

How to get there: From Taimu Mountain Railway Station: Take bus or taxi (about 15 minutes) to Qinyu Town (秦屿镇) - Taimu Mountain (太姥山)

The taxi fare in Ningde is RMB7 at flag fall for the first 2 km and RMB 1.6 per km thereafter. The ferry is RMB50/person.

Admission: RMB 115 Opening Hour: 8:00--17:00


Baiyun Moutain 白云山

 This place is famous for numerous potholes, flow-erosion grooves and troughs, and vertical arc-shaped grooves developed on river courses and cliff walls.




How to get there:

Take train (12 minutes) from Ningde (宁德) to Fu’an (福安), take bus or taxi (15-30 minutes) to Muyang (穆阳) - Baiyuan Mountain (白云山).

The taxi fare in Ningde is RMB7 at flag fall for the first 2 km and RMB 1.6 per km thereafter. The ferry is RMB50/person. Admission: RMB 80 Opening Hour: 8:00--17:00 


Dayushan Island 大嵛山岛The island, known for its green hills, crystal clear lakes, vast grasslands and peaceful deep blue sea, has been ranked as one of China's top 10 most beautiful islands by the Chinese National Geography Magazine.


As the highest island in Fujian, the island reaches 541.4 metres above sea level.


Ideal for camping - The surrounding hill slopes are quite gentle, with occasional patches of reed plants.


How to get there:

1) From Xiapu Railway Station: Take bus or taxi (about 1 hour) to Sansha Town (三沙镇) - Guzhen Dock (古镇码头) - Take a ferry (about 30 minutes) to the island.

2) From Taimu Mountain Railway Station: Take yellow bus (about 15 minutes) to Qinyu Town (秦屿镇) or Taimushan Town (太姥山镇), take bus (20 -30 minutes) to Yujing Dock (渔井码头), take a ferry (about 30 minutes) to the island.

The taxi fare in Ningde is RMB7 at flag fall for the first 2 km and RMB 1.6 per km thereafter. The ferry is RMB50/person.


Floating Village - Sandu'ao 三都澳A huge floating fishing village, the inhabitants need not set foot on land in their every day living. They have their own floating mail posts, police station, restaurants and convenience stores, and their own emergency phone numbers. It is Sandu'ao in Ningde (also called Future Water World.) Sandu'ao is a village built to float.


As the largest community on the sea in China, most of the residents here earn a living by fishing and ocean farming.


It is fast gaining popularity in becoming an area of aqua agricultural tourism and seafood distribution centre in the area.


Located in the southeast of Jiaocheng District, Ningde City, Fujian Province, 30 kilometers to downtown Ningde, and at the entrance to the coastal East Fujian, it is a natural harbor rarely seen any where in the world.


How to get there: There are local buses or taxis that connect to Cheng'ao 城澳 which then link to Sandu'ao by boat. The local bus fare is about 11rmb and takes about 45mins to an hour. The boat to Sandu'ao takes 10mins and cost around 30rmb. The taxi fare in Ningde is RMB7 at flag fall for the first 2 km and RMB 1.6 per km thereafter.


Agenda June 16th Afternoon: Gather at Ningde Railway Station (or Fuzhou Airport). Take free bus to Ningde Hotel Evening: Welcome performance June 17th Morning: Exposition opening ceremony and exhibition visit Afternoon: Investment fair visit Evening: Welcome party June 18th One day tour: Taimu Mountain or Baishuiyang tour, one of the most attractive places in Fujian Go back to railway station or airport Please note: * Wear formal business suits; no children and no significant others are permitted * Free bus pickup from airport or railway station in Ningde or Fuzhou to Waldorf Shirokia HOTEL/宁德华尔道夫酒店 (Personal pick-up service will be arranged for visitors if necessary.) * Free two-night hotel stay and meals during the Expo days Contact Us: Angeline Wang Tel/wechat: 0086-18020729551 Jacky Zhang Tel/wechat: 0086-13459148340 E-mail: Wechat: chinamotorexpo Facebook: SOURCE: WOX Team and China Motor Expo