Gulangyu, used to be called "Yuanshazhou Island" (literally Round Shoal), or "Yuanzhouzhai Island", and "Wulongyu Island" (literally Five- dragons Island) in the Southern Song Dynasty (AD 1127- 1279), and was renamed "Gulangyu" (literally Drum Wave Island) in the Ming Dynasty (AD 1398- 1644). As the tide comes in, the waves hit rocks, producing great sound like beating drums, and this is how Gulangyu gets its name. Streets and alleys are criss- crossing, narrow and short. It is likely that Lin Yutang, Lim Boon Keng, Lin Qiaozhi, Ma Yuehan, Yin Chengzong, Shu Ting and Lian Yue used to pass by the same alley you are walking along...

Over time, as numerous tourists have visited, ferries filled with passenger, Gulangyu has been keeping its rhythms, tranquil and elegant. At night, there are only the soundless ocean waves. Passing through various old villas, you seem to get a glimpse of the shadow of time. You listen to the distint voice of your heart and get your spirit cleansed. Maybe, you could come across an alley cat. Follow the cat, and you might find a lovely store just around the corner. Maybe, you could stop to listen to old inhabitants of Gulangyu telling stories about the old villas. Maybe, you would be attracted by a fascinating piano music, which might be a concert that is just about to begin. Just enjoy the original melodies of Gulangyu.

Shu Ting, a famous poet, said: "Gulangyu has tied me to her skirt. Neither can she get rid of me, nor can I leave her." Indeed, Gulangyu is just an island that people would think of all the time...

/ HISTORICAL BUILDINGS /---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Huangs' Garden: No.25, Huangyan Road, Gulangyu

Haitiantang Building: No.38, Fujian Road, Gulangyu

Huang Rongyuan Villa: No.32, Fujian Road, Gulangyu

Ronggu Villa: No.5, Qishan Road, Gulangyu

Lins' Villa: No.13- 15, Luqiao Road, Gulangyu

Jingua Villa: No.99, Quanzhou Road, Gulangyu

Fanpo Villa: No.36, Anhai Road, Gulangyu

Yangs' Villa: No.4, Anhai Road, Gulangyu

Eight Diagrams Tower: No.43, Guxin Road, Gulangyu

/ SCENIC SPOTS /-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sunlight Rock: No.56- 64, Huangyan Road, Gulangyu

Shuzhuang Garden: No.7, Gangzhaihou Road, Gulangyu

Haoyue Park: Fudingyan Seaside in the east of Gulangyu

Underwater world: No. 2, Longtou Road, Gulangyu

Organ Museum: No.43, Guxin Road, Gulangyu

Yu Garden: Fuxing Road in the southeast of Gulangyu

Piano Museum: No.7, Gangzhaihou Road, Gulangyu

/ SNACKS /--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miss Zhao's Store: No.298, Longtou Road, Gulangyu

Zhang Sanfeng's Milky Tea: Floor 1, No.8, Longtou Road, Gulangyu

Pan Xiaolian's Yogurt: No.8, Longtou Road, Gulangyu