The arcade building is a kind of architectural form combining European buildings and the regional characteristics of Southeast Asia. After it was introduced in Xiamen, it combined the regional characteristics of Xiamen and formed the arcade downtown streets. The arcade building is allocated on both sides of Zhongshan Road with storefronts connecting to the ground which is the characteristic of urban streets in south China. It can keep out the wind and rain to protect tourists from the sunlight and wind, so they can freely shop and visit under comfortable environment without being soiled with dirt or rainwater and the storefront can also keep clean and tidy. It is much better than those streets without the arcade. After being used to walking and shopping under the arcade in Xiamen, you may feel uncomfortable when walking along the streets in the north and you may feel like something is missing. In the past, people in Xiamen used to take a bamboo deck chair to sleep under the arcade on summer nights which is so comfortable and cool.

N o w a d a y s , t h e a r c a d e i s a l s o f u l l o f c o m m e r c i a l atmosphere and warm feelings. Sometimes, it is a place to drink tea and have snacks. People drink tea and eat the pastry as if there is no one else present, looking at passengers passing in a rush until the night falls, then they will stand up to say thanks, and leave without tiredness but with pleasure. The arcade has become the place for the entertainment and reception in the new times. A lot of merchants realize the business opportunity under the arcade and move many commodities to the arcade, beckoning, shoutting, clapping and trying, different people in diferent poses and expressions which is so bustling. The commercial atmosphere of "five feet base" is very thick and enduring which is a kind of scenery of Xiamen and a feature of the times.


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The arcade of Xiamen is mainly distributed along Zhongshan Road and Dashengli, inlcuding Siming East Road, Siming West Road, Siming South Road, Siming North Road, Hengzhu Road, Zhenbang Road, Kaiyuan Road, Datong Road, about thirty streets and lanes in total. These streets with the arcade constitute the renowned arcade block of Xiamen with rhythmic and shocked arcade buildings extending for several kilometers.