Jimei dragon boat racing ("Bielingzhu" in Southern Fujian dialect) has a long history. Mr. Tan Kah Kee made the past serve the present and made foreign things serve China to hold the first dragon boat racing, thus making the dragon boat racing of China transform from a folk sports game to a competitive sport. During the Dragon Boat Festival, neighbouring urban and rural residents come together in the dragon boat pool of Jimei School Village to take part in or watch the dragon boat racing. The cross- Strait dragon boat racing focuses on promoting Tan Kah Kee spirit, carrying forward Chinese culture, enhancing the exchange between both sides of Taiwan Strait and upgrading the race brand. Now it has become a brand event of Jimei District and the city card of Xiamen City after the elaborated development for many years, as well as an important platform to closely connect people on both sides of Taiwan Strait and enhance the cultural identity of people on both sides of Taiwan Strait.