Xiamen New Railway Station


Xiamen New Railway Station features a Minnan (south Fujian)

folk house-style design (Photo: house.xmnn.cn)

The Xiamen New Railway Station, located at Yannei Village, Houxi Township, Jimei District of Xiamen, will be put into use this April, according to the Xiamen New Railway Station Construction Headquarters.
Involving a total investment of 2.95 billion yuan ($US 432.8 million), the station started construction on Sept. 28, 2007. The total area of the main hall reaches 180,000 square meters, compared with the 8,000 square meters of the Xiamen Railway Station.
The station features a Minnan (South of Fujian) folk house-style design, which is the first of its kind in the world.
It will be the departure and arrival station of the Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway, which is expected to be completed and open to traffic at the end of this year. 
As a key station along the coastal high-speed railroad, the Xiamen New Railway Station will be the largest comprehensive communication hub in the southeast coastal regions of China, according to Mr. Liu Jian, deputy director of the construction headquarters.
Meantime, the station is merely 12 kilometers from the Xiamen Gaoqi International Aiport, and 20 kilometers from Wutong Ferry Terminal.
As an interchange for highways, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), urban rail transit, long-distance buses, provincial railways and private vehicles, it will serve passengers in Xiamen, and even the south and southwest of Fuijan province.

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